Petition to Forgo One-Term Mandatory Sit Out

Q: When would I need to petition?

If you have been placed on Mandatory Leave or if you have withdrawn from the entire current term after the ninth week deadline and wish to return the next semester

Steps for Petitioning to Forgo One-Term Mandatory Sit Out:

  1. Complete a Petition to Forgo One-Term Mandatory Sit Out.
  2. Make an appointment with your academic advisor as soon as possible:
  3. Members of the Scholastic Standing Committee will review your petition and make a decision. This generally occurs within four weeks of submission, except in the Spring and Summer terms, when response time is determined by faculty availability. The SSC will notify you of the outcome via email.

Keep in mind:

  • If you have questions about your individual case, please contact the SSC at [email protected].
  • Documentation is important! If you cannot document extenuating circumstances, it is unlikely that your petition will be approved.

Submit a Petition to Forgo One Term Mandatory Sit Out