Petition for Late Add

Q: Why would I need to add a class?

A: If a student participates in course and realizes after the end of the term that the course was not added to their transcript, they may petition for a Late Add.

If the class to add is for the current term, student may add it via Wolverine Access up until 11:59pm on the last day of classes. Please refer to the Bulletin for other Drop/Edit deadlines.

Q: How will this appear on my transcript?

A: Any course approved for a Late Add will appear within the term the course was completed.

Q: What do I need to include for this petition?

A: Students will need to include a detailed explanation as to why the course was unable to be added within the appropriate timeline.  Additionally, written confirmation from the instructor that the course was completed is REQUIRED.

Q: What is the process for petitioning?

A: You must petition the Scholastic Standing Committee to add a class after the semester has ended.

  1. Complete a Petition for Late Add
  2. Your petition will be reviewed by two Scholastic Standing Committee members and receive a decision up to 4 weeks after submission; except in the Spring and Summer terms, when response time is determined by faculty availability.  Scholastic Standing Committee staff will notify you of the outcome via email.

If your petition is approved, your academic record should reflect the decision within three weeks.

Keep in mind:

  • Documentation is important! If you can’t document extenuating circumstances (illness, family death, problems with Wolverine Access, etc.), it is unlikely that your petition will be approved.
  • If you cannot obtain the signature of your instructor in person (he/she may be off campus), he/she may supply an email indicating his/her support of your petition

Submit a Petition for Late Add