Student FAQ

What happens when I am suspected of an honor code violation?

When you are named in a potential honor code violation, you will be notified by the Honor Council Administrator via email.  Please review the Council Procedures page for a breakdown of the Honor Council process.

How long will it take to process my case?

Ideally, your case will be seen the semester after it has been submitted by the instructor.  However, extenuating circumstances and several factors that go into processing one case can cause for the process time to be longer.  It is important to know that the Honor Council is working diligently to process all cases in a timely manner.

I didn’t take the course this term, why am I being notified?

Students who have taken the course in previous terms can be named potential Honor Code violations.  Especially within coding classes, the auto-grader checks against several years of submissions. If your submission is flagged, you could be submitted to the Honor Council.

Can my case be expedited?

The request for expedited cases are reserved for students who are graduating (during that term) or have severe extenuating circumstances. If you are unsure whether your reasoning fits the criteria for your case to be expedited, please contact the Honor Council Administrator at [email protected]

Can I skip the Honor Council and go straight to the Faculty Committee on Discipline?

This option is only available to you after you have met with your assigned Honor Council investigator. 

What are the typical sanctions for an Honor Code Violation?

Sanctions are determined by the severity of the case.  Typical sanctions can be a 0 on the project/assignment in questions and 1/3 of a letter grade decrement.  However, final sanctions are determined by the Faculty Committee on Discipline.

My grade hasn’t been changed yet, what do I do?

Our office does not have the access or the authority to change grades.  Students and instructors are notified of Honor Council decisions as the same time. Your instructor for that course is the only one who can change the grade.  It is strongly encouraged that you reach out to your instructor first asking about the grade change. If a week has gone by and you have not received a response or seen a change, email the Honor Council Administrator at [email protected]