Reporting the Misuse of Online Content

Take Down Notices and the DMCA

In modern education, many students may seek assistance from multiple sources outside of the classroom. With the ease of access to the internet, students will often seek help from online resources. In some occurrences, these resources are utilized inappropriately either accidentally or intentionally. When this occurs not only do individuals find themselves potentially in violation of the Honor Code but also the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

The following materials are covered by DMCA when used in an unauthorized medium or party:

  • Lecture Materials
  • Presentations
  • Test
  • Assignments
  • Class Materials
  • Pirated Books
  • Text
  • Pictures

Most of these common academic support websites have quick response processes to assist in removing this content in a timely fashion. Below are the ways you can seek to remove inappropriately distributed work from the most common websites used in Honor Code Violations.

For most websites, you will need the following information:

  • Name and contact information of the infringed upon party
  • The date the work was found
  • The title of the work
  • The URL of the work

Fill out Chegg’s Notice of Claimed Infringement form available through this pdf
Email it to [email protected], attn: Copyright Agent – Dana Jewell
More information can be found at

Course Hero
Go to this the Course Hero Takedown Notice Site
Click “Submit Takedown Notice”
Complete the form
More information can be found at

Go to the Reddit Submit a Request Help page
Select “Copyright Infringement/ DMCA” from the dropdown menu
Complete the form
More information can be found here at

Code is a bit unique and it is very common that around the time of job searches students may accidentally loosen privacy settings too much for prospective employers to view. Additionally, small sections of code may be subject to fair use, as such a DMCA request is often not appropriate.

Prior to submitting a formal DMCA request, you should always reach out to the user account of any code you find that could potentially be being distributed in a proactive effort to limit inappropriate collaboration.
If the user does not remove the content in a timely fashion complete this form

More information can be found here at

If you have questions about gathering additional information or evidence items from an online source please email the Honor Code administrative team at