For Instructors

The Honor Code works to the benefit of students, instructors, and administrators in the College of Engineering University of Michigan. It is based on the mutual trust that all those bound by it will uphold its principles and enforce its policies. However, this makes it the duty and responsibility of students and instructors to report promptly any suspected violations of the Honor Code. If the instructor becomes aware of a possible violation of the Honor Code, it is the instructor’s responsibility to contact the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education (c/o the Honor Code Administrator; Suite 273, Chrysler Center, 734-764-4139; [email protected]) to report this accusation. Suspected Honor Code violations must be reported no later than two months from the last day of classes in which the potential violation occurred.  Please review the resources linked below for more information.

How Do I Report a Suspected Violation?

Instructor FAQ

College of Engineering DMCA Takedown and Honor Code Information Request Form

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